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Communication with vehicles

Communication with vehicles









The interGATE unit establishes a clear and secure communication link between the vehicle and the control center. Communication, monitoring and task assignment is all integrated into one solution. The driver uses a Garmin GPS as a communication device.



interGATE - interface for vehicle communication

interGATE interfaceinterGATE establishes a secure GPRS connection between any vehicle and interVIEW in the control center. In addition, the following interGATE options are available:

  • Garmin Nüvi GPS for receiving tasks
  • Status panel for manually reporting vehicle status back to the control centre
  • I/O module to connect additional hardware or installations in the vehicle


The interGATE can also connect to a Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) network.


Garmin Nüvi GPS

In the vehicle, the driver uses a Garmin Nüvi GPS to receive and acknowledge messages, tasks or routes from the control center. With a simple click, one or more waypoints for example are immediately downloaded to the GPS.


The Garmin Nüvi GPS interfaces to the interGATE using a standard Garmin Fleet Management Interface protocol (FMI). All the standard Garmin features are available as well as two-way messaging between the driver and operator.


Status panelstatus panel

A status panel adds quick exchange of status between the driver and control center. The status panel has eight backlit buttons.

Additional hardware or installations inside the vehicle can be monitored and controlled remotely using an I/O module. The I/O module enables the control center to monitor the status of critical systems in the vehicle, such as manually activated alarm buttons or door contacts. Conversely, the control center can - if required - activate any output connected to the I/O module.


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interGATE as app

The next version of interGATE - interGATE4 - is a software solution that uses standard mobile devices based on Apple iOS - therefore, any iPad can now become an interGATE.


The first version of interGATE4 will be a 1:1 replacement of interGATE3 with basically the same functionalities - including integration to interVIEW.


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