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Care Calls & Emergency Calls

interVIEW alarm monitoring software integrates with Emergency Call systems, Care Call systems, lift emergency systems, auto dial and other solutions for emergency calls.

The operator uses interVIEW to manage and monitor the calls. The solution consists of a communications gateway, which connects interVIEW with call technologies like VoIP, ISDN, PSTN.

care call

Care calls as Citizen service

interVIEW Alarm Monitoring Software is suitable for handling Care Call systems used by municipality to serve elderly citizens. When a citizen press the call button at home, this cause an alarm in interVIEW at the control center. The operator handles the alarm and is talking with the citizens. Instructions informs the operator about required response such as contacting a specific resource from the municipality or home care.

Automatic handling of Emergency Calls

Handling of Emergency Calls can be automated, which is relevant for the unattended control center or for the control center that is hosting the solution for the municipality.

When using the automated Emergency Call solution interVIEW receives the emergency call from the citizen. But interVIEW forwards the call via a built-in logic that takes into account the location of the citizen, the time and schedule in order to assign the care call to the right people at the home care service. Citizen's phone number is linked to a schedule that consists of contacts in order of priority. The schedule is divided into time slots such as day time and night time.

The contact person at the home care service receives the citizen call on her/his cell phone, and must accept the call with a code in order to talk to the citizen. Should the contact person ignore the call request, interVIEW will automatically forward the call to the next person on the call plan, until an available contact person has accepted.

If the call is ignored by all contacts from the call, interVIEW can route the call to a control center.

The automatic emergency call solution is used by municipal control centre and fire brigades which hosts the solution for municipal elderly care.

Alarms and emergency calls from elevators

Alarms and emergency calls from elevators are handled like any other alarm type in interVIEW. When an elevator alarm is received, interVIEW connects the call between the operator and the person in the elevator.

The solution consists of a communication gateway with protocolls for phone systems. Supported protocols include: Antenna (CPC), Danish extension phone Tunstall, Danish extension phone Piper Solo, Danish extension phone Portal, ETS Hiss, ABP TeleTech (TSA), ABP TeleTech + (TSA), the EU version.

interVIEW checks daily that all elevator systems are functioning optimally. If no positive status is received from the elevator system within a specific time interval, an alarm is displayed in interVIEW. It can automatically send notification to contacts via SMS or email.

The technology

The communication gateway is a PBX named 3CX. Its programmed via a Windows  compatible software. Several communication technologies are supported, including VoIP, ISDN, PSTN.

>Emergency call module for interVIEW

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