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interVIEW is an integrated incident management system, which can receive alarms and signals from a wide range of disparate systems and present them in one single solution. interVIEW is used by Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs)/Alarm Monitoring Stations (AMSs), Public Emergency Management Agencies and Law Enforcement Agencies around the world to monitor and handle incidents/alarms from fire and intrusion panels, terminals, elevators and mobile devices.


Alarm Monitoring Software and Alarm Receivers

interVIEW can receive any kind of signal by integrating to alarm receivers. This makes interVIEW capable of monitoring alarms from industrial facilities, residentials, public facilities etc.


Any alarm type - any alarm system - any transmission type


interVIEW Alarm Monitoring Software at Alarm Receiving Centres

interVIEW is a scalable software for monitoring alarms at ARCs and AMSs all over the world with special attention to:


Security - Scalability - Flexibility - Industrial standards - Incident Management


Increased efficiency for monitoring alarms with interVIEW automation software

interVIEW is a unified alarm automation software that monitors signals from different systems, but the alarms are displayed identically on screen. This identical alarm handling process allows the operator at the ARC/AMS to react quickly and correctly - every time.


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